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Point Roberts, Washington




Should it rain now. The question is left in abeyance. Kee didn't mention where he'd gone. Why doesn't anybody help them?

Please, keep a stiff upper lip.

In summer the temperature rises.

Jack bores me with stories about his trip. The door is open. I'll go and shut it. She knows who the father is. Hwa was obviously not expecting us to be here. Do you think yours is better? Some of the 2016 Olympic events will be held in a neighborhood called Deodoro. It's never been harder for us to work than this year. All of them were handmade things. It's a little scary. What's the problem if she doesn't love you? You can love yourself.

You should get some exercise.

We really thought we could do it. Please tell him I'm sorry. He isn't going to be forgotten in any case. Application to his studies brought him excellent results in the final examination.

Websites collect information about you. I had a stillborn baby three years ago. Mind you call me up tomorrow. Claude attended Jess's funeral.

No matter how much you keep saying this is your house, please stop walking around naked. The child recovered from his cold. He learned of his friend's death in the automobile accident when he came home. I'd appreciate it if you'd help me.

Johan is usually up at three or four in the morning. The famous conductor lives in New York. We haven't seen you in the past four years. Dan bought an acre of land in Nevada. I signaled the car to go slow. A return ticket to Leon, please.

My university friend is against terror. Due to overfishing, some fish stocks are now at perilously low levels. Find out what Leif knows. Slaves were considered property. Do you want some chicken? I've hurt your feelings, haven't I? Eric will finish the job by 2:30. John is taller than anybody else. Eva says that he enjoyed the concert. You seem a little unsure of yourself these days.

I will endure. Andy was married to Yvonne.

Shadow didn't come all the way from Boston just to eat dinner with us. I also like writing. I'm dropping out of school. He was the strongest candidate for the position.

I think you ought to leave. She brought me a cup of tea without sugar. "I don't mind if I keep working even after we're married," she said. I want to help Anderson. We haven't seen him anywhere. What did you do last Christmas? It's better than drinking cola, though it's not as good as drinking champagne.

Is he still sleeping? Elizabeth waited outside the closed door. The policeman observed the man open the door. I've heard nothing but good things about Himawan.

You're not going to hurt me, are you?

It's a stupid system. The doctor's examining Mahmoud right now. Suddenly, the door closed with a loud noise. I enjoy building snowmen and playing in the snow. I'll have to wait until it snows here.

I have an eating disorder. It is said that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. Check these out. Are you guys polite?

This is the first time I've sent flowers to Adrian.

It can make some people, especially elderly people and infants, very ill. I never trusted you. Winnie said he had no reason to stay. I can't believe you came here alone. What is the advantage to this technology? You had better consult a doctor about your health. You can save your life and your family lives by always preparing for earthquakes. Lana pretended to be a doctor. Decision to disallow Medicaid for second cochlea implant withdrawn.